quick and easy low carb dinner recipes

Quick and easy low carb dinner recipes are the topic of this article. It is widely known, that world of nutrition is thriving in our century. People start to pay much more attention to what they put on their plates. Such phenomena is very desired and we should be proud of our civilization that it goes in that particular direction. At the same time, if we look deep into nutrition itself, we can find, that we have large possibilities in terms of choosing our own nutrition plan.

At the beginning of fitness industry, the most popular and actually the only “right” diet plan, was macro split. In this plan, we wanted to divide our nutrition into almost equalized split between fats, carbohydrates (do not mistake with hydrocarbons) and proteins. Depending on our lifestyle and food preferences, we would go more towards carbs, fats or proteins but still, we want to equalize them at some point in general. Since the beginning of nutritional evolution, some new plans came to the daylight. In our times, we can see things like ketogenic diets, low-carb diets, carnivore approach, vegan, vegetarian, lactose free, intermittent fasting and many different plans. We cannot say which one is the best because it all depends on approach of particular person. At the same time, I want to write a little bit more about low-carb diet which is main topic of this article and also tell a little bit about quick and easy low carb dinner recipes.

Low-carb life

One may ask, what is low carb diet? As name itself says, low carb diet is type of nutritional approach that minimizes our daily carbohydrate intake. In low carb plans we go as low as even 5-10% daily calories to come from carbohydrates. In this case we are in much different place than traditional approach which advocates carbs, to be around 50-60 % of our diet. In this case, we need to consider, what sort of products we can use to conduct low-carb diet on ourselves. It is very hard to determine what we should eat daily, because even in specific diet structure, we still have freedom to choose from the great quantity of products.

In low-carb approach, we need to focus on vegetables as source of carbohydrates/fiber to stay below the target daily carbohydrate intake. Of course, we can still try to eat pasta, potatoes or some sort of rice and fruits, but it will be much more difficult to keep our diet without crossing the line of daily carbohydrate intake. Much more freedom comes with choice of sources for fats and proteins, because we do not have much restrictions in this field in particular low-carb diet approach. Quick and easy low carb dinner recipes can be found all over the internet due to its greatly increasing popularity. We just need to scroll down and read a little bit to find foods that will meet our requirements and we are home. It is not easy to do fast, but with some time sacrifice, we are 100% able to do this.

When planning low-carb diet, we can take a lot of knowledge from ketogenic approach and learn a little bit from what they eat. Ketogenic diet is nutrition plan, that focuses mainly on fats as primary caloric source. It advocates using ketones as main source of energy for our organism, instead of standard glycogen. Many people report benefits from using this approach but it does not have to be nutritional solution for everybody. With eating, it is always important to find what is best for you and execute it In a proper way.

Low-carb diet is often mistaken with paleo nutrition plan due to similar low carbohydrate intake. However, paleo approach is a little bit different. In this case, we focus much more on whole foods as being sorces of carbohydrates, such as: vegetables and fruits. We do not want to eat much refined carbohydrates such as bread, grains etc. and it results in lower carbohydrate intake. Still, paleo diet is much higher in carbohydrates than low-carb diet and we need to be able to distinguish both styles of eating not to get confused.

Check low-carb approach yourself – it may change your life and make you, better, healthier person.


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