Delightful Wines From the Fertile Island of Lefkada

Experience a real taste of Greece with wines grown in the traditional areas of Lefkada! Sample exquisite drops like Vardea and Vertzami and delight in everything that this stunning island has to offer.

Take your tastebuds on a journey through the beautiful island of Lefkada, with its unique and traditional wines such as Vardea and Vertzami. Sample exquisite drops from the south’s fertile lands and coastal villages, like “Lefkadian Land White”, an award-winning wine with many passionate fans. Explore the stunning landscapes and golden beaches, visit fascinating archaeological sites and museums, and savor all that this unforgettable Greek island has to offer.

Explore Lefkada’s Terroir and Grape Varietals

Explore Lefkada's Terroir and Grape Varietals

The land in Lefkada produces an array of delightful wines that reflect the unique terroir and grape varietals of the region. Sample Vardea, a golden white wine made from local grapes, or the popular red of Vertzami. Explore these delicious local wines to get the most out of your experience in Lefkada truly!

Get to Know the Island’s Award-Winning Wineries and Their Craftsmanship

Get to Know the Island's Award-Winning Wineries and Their Craftsmanship

The wineries of Lefkada craft beautiful wines that showcase the pure flavors and terroir of the island. Sample excellently crafted drops like Vardea, an age-worthy white made with the local grape, and Verzami, a rich and elegant red wine blended from several exquisite varietals. Lefkaditiki Gi is the most popular and one of the award-winning vineyards to explore, it’s easy to find something special to bring home or give as a memorable gift. Experience all that this vibrant region has to offer!

Sample Bottles From a Range of Quality Wines Grown on the Fertile Island

Sample Bottles From a Range of Quality Wines Grown on the Fertile Island

With more than five amazing vineyards on the island of Lefkada, there’s something unique for everyone. Whether you’re keen to sample some local whites made with traditional Greek varietals or a smooth and velvety red crafted from the island’s special blend of grapes, you can find it here! Many quality bottles are available for tasting and purchase, making Lefkada a great destination for wine lovers looking to experience some of the interesting wines Greek islands have to offer. Discover some hidden gems while savoring these delightful drops!


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