gastric bypass

Bariatric surgery abroad has become very popular in recent years due to the economic advantages and the high-quality standards offered by countries engaged in medical tourism such as Poland, Turkey, and Thailand.

Undergoing surgery abroad has its advantages. One of the countries that offer the most benefits is Poland; therefore, if you need weight loss surgery, having a Gastric Bypass in Poland may be the ideal option for you.

What is a gastric bypass?

It’s the most common surgery to treat morbid obesity; it reduces the stomach’s size to decrease the ability to ingest food. Simultaneously, the stomach is connected to a more advanced section of the small intestine to avoid the first part of it and thus decreases the absorption of nutrients.

After surgery, accelerated weight loss begins, which decreases over time, obese people lose up to 75% of overweight over a year. But it is essential to adopt new healthy eating habits to maintain the results obtained with surgery.

Gastric bypass is one of the best options for patients with morbid obesity; however, because it is a complicated surgery, it is also costly, especially in countries like the UK and Ireland.

And because not all patients are eligible for NHS bariatric surgery, many must look for more cost-effective solutions.

Undergoing a Gastric Bypass in Poland

Poland has become the destination par excellence for medical tourism, and here are the reasons why:

●     Clinics in Poland follow strict quality standards.

●     Specialists must comply with multiple academic requirements and regulations required by the country to practice the profession. Many of them have studied in countries such as the USA and the UK.

●     Medical staff are fluent in English, and some clinics also speak other languages such as German and French.

●     Prices for a gastric bypass can be up to 3 times lower than in the UK.

●     The cost of living in Poland is relatively low, so extra expenses such as flights and lodging are highly economical for tourists.

●     The medical tourism sector is so large in Poland that even private clinics manage their patients’ transport and accommodation.

●     Poland is a developed country with strong economic and social stability and has been a member of the European Union since 2004.

If you need bariatric surgery as soon as possible and can’t access one in your country of residence, having gastric bypass surgery in Poland is the most affordable and the most reliable option.


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