Can you put an alarm on your laptop?

Alarm clock is a common name for a clock that has been designed to emit a sound at a predetermined time. Most of these types of clocks are ordinary alarm clocks that wake people up from sleep, but they can also be used to remind you of activities. Most alarms have the right volume, but there are also those who use light and vibration to wake up people who have special problems getting up from bed in the morning. Can you put an alarm on your laptop?

How to use the Alarms application in Windows 10

To start the application, select Start and select Alarms and clock from the application list or enter a name in the search field.

Alarms and timers work even after closing the application and locking the device. If you get a warning that notifications are only visible when the device is in an active state, make sure that the computer does not go to sleep (go to Settings> System> Power and sleep to adjust sleep settings).

Do not disconnect power from the laptop or tablet and make sure that the volume is set on the device so that you hear the alarm or timer.

To respond to the alarm, select Snooze or Reject.

If you want to change the clock time zone, go to Settings> Time and language> Date and time. Use the drop-down menu in the time zone to select your preferred time zone.

Can you put an alarm on your laptop?

Free alarm clock

A free alarm clock is a handy tool that you can use to set multiple alarms for different tasks – just like you do on a mobile phone.

Using the free alarm clock is a piece of cake. The program’s simple, almost minimalist interface also helps. Just click the Add button and configure the settings for each alarm you create. They can be set to run only on certain days of the week and perform various tasks, such as waking the computer or turning on the monitor.

The free alarm clock has a dozen or so built-in alarm sounds, and also lets you add your own audio files to create more personal notifications. When the alarm is triggered, the program will display a notification on the desktop from where you can stop or postpone it.

It may not be as feature-rich as other alarm tools, but a free alarm clock is the perfect choice for those looking for a simple, simple alarm application to remind you of everything.

The free alarm clock is a simple tool that allows you to easily configure many configurable alarms on your computer.


This is a very effective alarm clock that offers its users many configuration options, and at the same time is convenient to use. You can move between the three main screen panels using horizontal gestures.

And yes, in the central part we will find a watch that can take one of three available forms – digital and two analog. In turn, on the right side there is a time scale with 6-hour intervals. A typical click does not work, because to add a new alarm you need to swipe from the left edge towards the center, and then adjust the correct time of the alarm with vertical movements. If this method is not precise enough, you can click on the displayed time and set it using the numerical screen keyboard.


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