Vacuum Tumblers – must have machines in every food processing facility

Professional meat tumblers are the basic equipment for butcher’s and meat processing facilities. Vacuum tumblers allow you to effectively and quickly plasticize any meat without destroying its structure. The machines available on the website of ERY Food Machinery are extremely precise and can massage every kind of meat, carcasses, smoked meats and poultry elements. This allows you to obtain high-quality sausage products. Each tumbler with cooling we offer is an ergonomic, durable and reliable device. We have been providing the market with the best pieces of equipment from renowned manufacturers for many years. We are confident that we have exactly what you need for your butcher shop, restaurant, hotel or catering facility.

Steakers – meat slicing machines

If you’re looking for a device that can significantly speed up your work and automate the cutting of chops, steaks, burgers and similar products, steakers are the best choice for you.

Professional meat stakes available in our offer can slice products both with and without bones. These machines will do a great job in restaurants, canteens, catering companies, wedding halls, meat processing facilities and even in butcher shops. We provide many models to suit different user expectations. Each of equipment is made of high-class stainless steel and assures reliable efficient work for a long time.

High class Butchers Machinery – ERY Food Machinery offer

We are a professional company experienced in selling specialized butcher equipment. On our website you will find both used butcher machines and new equipment for the food industry. We provide machines such as:butcher machines, dicers, vacuum tumblers, meat grinders, mixers, bowl choppers, metal detectors, vacuum stuffers, steakers, forming machines, clippers, slicers, weighers, vacuum packing machines, separators, skinners, and other butcher machines. We guarantee the highest quality of offered equipment, customer satisfaction, as well as reasonable prices. Not only that, but we believe we will meet your expectations regardless of the type of business you have. Check out the full assortment and let us know what type of machinery you need.


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