The future of MedTech is coming in 2022

The Medtech Medical Ecosystem is an international project that combines offline and online services. Choi Eng Joon, MD, professor at MMU, answers questions.

Dr. Choi is one of the developers of the universal screening test for early cancer diagnosis. The technology for non-invasive cancer screening has successfully passed the first phase of validation. Cancer screening can be used to detect cancer at an early stage with 86% accuracy.

“We are creating a comfortable environment where you can access quality healthcare services․ The Ecosystem now includes three interlinked blocks: SMART assays – diagnosis in 5 minutes from the comfort of your home․ Patients receive results in a few minutes. More than 100 diseases can be identified using biochemical and molecular diagnostics. Instead of a painful biopsy, tissue spectral analysis can be performed on a CT scanner and ultrasound data can be obtained using a smartphone or tablet with a sensor system”․

Fast diagnosis, effective therapy and full patient support

Сhoi En Djun: The Medtech ecosystem is a full-fledged health care service. We create a comfortable environment where you can get access to high-quality medical services in digital and traditional format. Now the Ecosystem includes three interrelated blocks: SMART analyses, diagnosis of diseases, and monitoring of health indicators. The functioning of the ecosystem is provided by artificial intelligence (AI or AI) with big data processing (BIG DATA).


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