Where to put microwave in kitchen remodel?

There are five zones in the kitchen. The first zone is the place where we store our supplies, and therefore the fridge. The second is the storage room for dishes, glasses, plates etc. In the next washing area there is a sink, a dishwasher and a waste bin. Another preparation zone with worktop and last cooking. Where to put microwave in kitchen remodel?

A microwave under the countertop

Undercounter microwave location is a great solution in a small kitchen. To unify the style of kitchen appliances, it is worth choosing a convection microwave with an oven and an extractor hood. You just have to remember that opening it does not interfere with opening the cabinets. For this reason, a microwave should not be placed in a corner of the building. It will be more convenient to use it when you mount it closer to the end of the kitchen draft.

A microwave in a hanging cabinet

If we have a small kitchenette, in which there is no question of high bollard housing, we can build a microwave in a hanging cabinet. In this case, however, we are limited in depth (upper cabinets are from 28-32 cm deep in standard cabinets). Microwaves that can be built into such a shallow cabinet are very few and are more expensive.

A microwave in the bar

Modern models of built-in microwave ovens have an extremely attractive design and perfectly match the minimalist design of other kitchen appliances. A good solution is to install the microwave in the so-called post, i.e. in a stacked arrangement. It can be located above the oven – this creates a complete set of household appliances for baking and heating.

Where to put microwave in kitchen remodel?

Microwave behind the door

The microwave oven may be located behind the door analogous to those used in other cabinets. It will be convenient to place it above the place where plates or cutlery are stored, which will make it easier to apply dishes or check and test dishes prepared in the oven. The door lifted up is the easiest to use and also the best in terms of use.

The depth of the microwave matters

Another aspect to consider when planning the perfect place to place a microwave is the depth and width of the model. Increasingly, in modern kitchen arrangements, we decide to place household appliances in the pillar. It is a very convenient solution, because not only do we have everything at hand, but also connecting devices is less troublesome. Standard bollards usually have a depth of about 58 – 60 cm, which is determined by the depth of the fridge or oven. In such a niche, you can easily put any microwave, without worrying about its dimensions. Built-in microwaves in high posts have similar depths, but different heights and widths. There are two standard widths available on the market that match the 50 cm and 60 cm posts, but wider versions are most often chosen. This is mainly due to the possibility of placing large dishes in the microwave. The microwave heights are very different. They start from 30 to even 60 cm, so when choosing a model you should pay attention to whether it suits kitchen cabinets.



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