Corporate team building

Team building is really useful for the organization, it helps to align colleagues and strengthen communication between bosses and employees. Organize regular team-building programs if you want to work with motivated people for the long term. What kind of company team-building activities can we choose from?

The essence of team building

Varied games can improve problem-solving skills and develop creative thinking. Team building aims to strengthen the bond between employees. The result is:

  • increased efficiency
  • improved communication
  • colleagues are more willing to make suggestions
  • soft skills can be strengthened

What should you pay attention to when organizing?

It is best to ask colleagues for their opinion. It’s worth starting the program organization in time and spending some time on marketing as well. Let’s create a Facebook event where we make all information about the program available, so interest in team building can be easily maintained.

Creative team-building tips

We’ve put together some team-building tips that can help you bring your staff together. The aim is to get them involved in a real adventure through an exciting and creative program! 

Wine tasting

A wine tasting can be a great way to get to know the local wine culture, wine cellars and local flavors. You can visit beautiful landscapes, so it can be an extremely colorful program, while you also learn the tricks of winemaking. A good time is guaranteed!

Paintball together

If your colleagues like active activities, paintball is an excellent choice. This type of activity helps to relieve tension and gives a great boost to the weekdays. It relieves everyday pressures and also strengthens group cohesion.

Escape rooms

You can’t go wrong with escape room programs, because the joint investigation brings the team together. There are countless themed escape rooms, where shared dread or seemingly unsolvable puzzles guarantee a good mood. If you want to be successful in an escape game, it’s not enough to think about the tasks alone. The team must communicate so that the task can be completed more easily. To succeed, all team members must actively participate in the game. It is an excellent way of finding out who can be relied on in a difficult situation. Group development processes can be experienced in the workplace and in the game, which helps to develop a sense of community. In the community, different roles are developed, there will be one spokesperson who will be followed by others. In addition, the tasks in the escape rooms bring out skills that neither we nor our colleagues have known before. 

If you want to spice up your team building with a joint trip and would like to take on a really special location, it’s time to visit Stockholm, where PanIQRoom Stockholm awaits you with several different escape room themes. Ready to play?


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